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  • Do you have internet access at the RV park? Rental cabin?
    Yes, there is free wi-fi access throughout the RV park as well as in the rental cabin.
  • Do you have cable TV hookups in the RV park?  Is there cable TV in the rental cabin?
    Yes, you can order cable TV hookups for each RV pad for a nominal fee. Yes, the rental cabin is already set up with cable TV service.
  • Do you offer fishing guide services on the White River or Sylamore Creek?
    We currently do not; however, both Angler’s as well as Jack’s resort nearby (just across on Hwy. 5) offer these services.
  • Do you rent fishing boats, motors and/or canoes?"
    We currently do not; however, you are welcome to bring your own boats and related equipment as there are two launch ramps very nearby.
  • Is the rental cabin furnished?  What are your reservation and cancellation policies?
    Yes, the cabin is furnished. For more information including current rates please contact us at: 870-585-2400.
  • Do you allow pets?
    Yes, but visitors are responsible for keeping their pets on a leash when outdoors and cleaning up after them. We also respectfully request that your pets are treated and free of fleas before bringing them inside the rental cabin.
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